The Writing-Work Balance

Last week was the first time in earnest that I’ve been a solopreneur and a writer, and I can say that it took some balancing.

I haven’t written new words in God only knows how long, definitely not during the COVID Age, as I’ve been really focused on my work. (I’m an investment readiness coach who works with start-ups and their investors to raise money to support their businesses.)

While a lot of horribleness has gone, and is going, on in the world, it’s also been an opportunity for people take a minute and think about what they want their lives and businesses to look like once all of this is over. I decided to do this myself and invested in a branding & strategy exercise a few weeks ago and, man, was it worth it. I feel infinitely more confident in the way I help my clients and in the way I talk about what I do.

In spirit of planning and strategizing, I realized that I wanted to reintegrate writing into my life since I’ve been ignoring it. I looked at my schedule and realized that Fridays are usually not terribly busy for me. I tend to get my day started later due to a standing personal appointment in the morning, but I also generally work later since I don’t typically have late-afternoon obligations or meetings like I do Monday through Thursday.

So, I declared Friday my writing day.

I’ve made it so that no one can schedule a meeting with me unless they do so directly with me, and I’ll almost always say “no,” because boundaries are a beautiful thing.

With these parameters in mind, last Friday, I finished revising a short story and put thought into a few essays I’ve been wanting to write. I didn’t actually draft anything, but thinking counts! I also tinkered around with my list of agents who I’m considering querying. I find a keep getting myself frustrated as I think about that process, so I’m glad to have given myself the space to think about these things so they don’t have to bleed into other areas of my life.

“Work-life balance” is a cliché my spouse and I have decided is no longer allowed to be uttered in our home, primarily because work is a part of life. So, I should back-track to say that I’m not seeking balance between business and writing; I’m seeking to be the truest, best version of myself all around.

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