It’s never been a better time to be an introvert

Well, hello. It’s the first time I’ve blogged since we all entered this new world of social distancing, isolation, and quarantining. I would have blogged last week, but I felt weighed down. I haven’t been concerned about the virus itself (but I’ve been taking precautions, I promise!), but when the stock market tanked [the first time] a week and a half ago, I was so deflated, I could really only read fiction for a couple of days. I didn’t feel like thinking about my business since there was so much in the news saying that my clients could be most negatively impacted. But I did some Pilates and talked with my therapist and life coach to put things in perspective, and by mid-last week, I was feeling more like myself.

Now that I’ve been back at my desk (by which I mean my dining table), I’ve been insanely busy. I’ve chosen to proceed as if the future is bright. Choosing to give into possibility and not fear, I decided that I would help in my industry as much as possible, to be a light in the darkness. And now I have quite a few calls scheduled in which I will meet people, listen to them, and see how I can help, without selling them any of my services. If nothing else, they will get a listening ear, and I will feel useful.

I’ve also decided to volunteer for a bunch of things I otherwise would not. A workforce development organization I used to volunteer with before I moved back to DC is going to do a series of skills development webinars, and I said I could lead one. I would have to develop the content and learn how to give a presentation over Zoom. I’ve never done that before, but now seems as good a time as any to try new things.

It’s never been a better time to be an introvert, or a workaholic. I love seeing my friends and community, but not gonna lie, it’s been nice to get my work done without the pressure of thinking of all the places I’ll have to go later.

I’m making the most of this time. I hope you are, too.

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