I’ve been promoted!

Good literary news!

I’ve been promoted to Assistant Editor of the Insight section of the literary magazine, The Offing!

This is the second time in my life I’ve been promoted from one job to another. The first was at my workstudy job at the library at Georgetown, when I was promoted from Access Services Desk Assistant to Supervisory Student Desk Assistant. So, I went from being able to check out books to being able to check out books and collect fines. Pretty important stuff, let me tell you.

I started reading for The Offing about a year ago. I took it on because I’d done a lot of writing—in classes and summer workshops—over the previous two years, but I wanted to round out my DIY MFA by reading a lot of essays and short stories. Writing provides one set of skills, but reading provides so much more. And it’s been a great experience.

Insight is a unique section. I call it a hybrid of personal essay and cultural criticism: investigations of literature, art, or culture, but most important is how this literature, art, or culture impacted you.

Two of my favorite essays are On Spinsterhood and Labored Lying: On language, Translation, and Saying Goodbye. They’re definitely personal essays, but they’re also so closely tied to the subject they’re exploring. Essays in the queue to be published include ones about beauty pageants and about Lifetime movies so many Millennials grew up watching with their [probably divorced] mothers.

This isn’t a type of essay I thought I wrote, until I recently tried working on an essay I wrote almost two years ago, in which I’m trying to figure out why I’m so obsessed with all things preppy. And then, last week, I outlined two essays about growing up Evangelical in the South in the ‘90s that I can’t wait to write, and that sealed it: I do, in fact, write the thing I read.

So, writers, send me your work! We’re keen to get more work from people of color, so send, send, send!

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