I’m reading in Baltimore tonight!

I’m chuffed to bits to be heading to Baltimore for my second reading in the Charm City (though it does make me think that one day, I should read in DC, where I actually live).

The way this opportunity came about was serendipitous: I read at a small gathering this summer, and happened to be sitting next to Maria, who was introduced as a staffer for Thread, an amazing nonprofit the reading was raising funds for. We hit it off great, and followed up after I told her I’d love to volunteer or donate to Thread since living in DC makes it hard to be really involved (I think folks who don’t live here think the cities are closer, but they’re actually an hour apart on an express train; two hours, driving during rush hour). During our call, she mentioned that she runs a reading series, Writers & Words, and asked if I’d be interested. I didn’t hesitate.

They even interviewed me! Read my interview here.

I’m excited to read fiction in public for the first time (minus my impromptu reading at the Petworth Citizen last year). This is great practice – one of my short stories was just accepted to an anthology that will come out in May 2020! Hopefully, I’ll get to read for it, too.

2019 is closing well, leading me to believe 2020 is going to be amazing. 😊

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