I’m Reclaiming My Brain from the President-elect

I struggled with what I would blog about today because, frankly, I feel like our president-elect has sucked up all the oxygen, commanded all of our attention, and demanded that we react, positively or negatively, to absolutely everything for the past week.

While I was eating breakfast Sunday morning, Sunday Today came on on NBC, and I immediately changed the channel. I couldn’t bear to hear any more about the results of the election or the litany of already-broken promises spewing from the president-elect. I turned it to CBS Sunday Morning, a show that I have always found to be a little bit boring, but also soothing. Jane Pauley informed me that there had been a hugely destructive earthquake in New Zealand, and that it was the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Paris and that Sting was going to play a concert at the Bataclan as the concert venue where so many people lost their lives that night re-opens.

I wondered what else had been going on in the world while I and so many others were mourning the loss of honor and integrity in our country. So much had transpired over the past week in the far reaches of the world. The news normally covers these things, at least tangentially, but not this week. It was as if the world stood still while we rose our demagogue into his place.

While the president-elect chose a known white supremacist and anti-Semite as his right-hand man, ISIS continued to execute bombings in Baghdad. A supermoon took up an inordinate amount of the night sky. Scientists declared 2016 would be the warmest year ever recorded. Frank Lampard, renowned English footballer, retired from the New York City Football Club. More migrants lost their lives as they crossed waters in hopes of finding safety in unknown lands as they flee from the homes they adore.

I’m not saying that what the U.S. did is not as important as these other things, or that we don’t deserve a moment of focus; I believe we do, because the implications of our vote will have global ramifications.

What I am saying is that I have grown exhausted of appeasing this man-baby: he whines, we run to give him our attention. He does something stupid that he knows will upset us, we get upset.

I just want time to breathe and to remember that the world is still turning.

Basically, I want to talk about something else. At least until my brain has been relieved of a little psychic stress.

I’m still a champion for calling out injustice (such as and including appointing said known white supremacist and anti-Semite into any position of power), but I want to take a moment and remember that the world is still a beautiful place, that art is still transcendent, and that novels still heal the mind.

I don’t plan to talk about the election or the actions of the president-elect on this blog any longer (unless something really egregious happens). I will instead talk about writing and books and memories and the process of writing a memoir.

When I was growing up in church, people would say, “You can’t let the devil steal your joy. Reclaim your joy from the devil! Get thee behind me, Satan!”

Well, I’m reclaiming my brain from the president-elect. Get thee behind me, Trump!

One thought on “I’m Reclaiming My Brain from the President-elect

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