A Special Anniversary

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my father’s death. With my memoir rolling beyond page 100 now, it’s only right to use my first blog post to reflect on how I got here…

Update (October 19, 2016):

Almost immediately after I wrote this blog post, someone hugely influential in my writing life encouraged me to remove it and submit it for publishing. And it was accepted! You can now find an updated version of these thoughts as an essay on Thought Catalog: A Good Laugh with Dad.



9 thoughts on “A Special Anniversary

  1. Vonetta- well done! The absent father saga resonates so strongly with me as well. As it seems you’ve realized, we become so much stronger when we free our lives of the stress that the situation brings and focus more on the “letting go” than the hurt that we harbor. Almost 3 years ago I made the conscious decision to free myself from the years of stress and pain that continued attempts at fostering a relationship with my father brought and let it all go; it couldn’t have been a more textbook cosmic experience. I wish you continued success in your writing and in your path to alleviate the many years of stress the situation brought you. Cheers!


  2. This: “Violence was just another sign of love, and it was yet one more way I was made to feel less valued.” Vonetta, you should take this down, make a couple of tweaks, and pitch it! Seriously. I’m thinking of one pub in particular, but there are many. This is great. —Blaise


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